Gemini VII is the latest version of this unique design from Micromeritics.

The Gemini series of surface area analysers are ideal routine instruments for chemists wishing to measure the surface area of a few samples a day with Nitrogen gas adsorption.

The name, as you may expect, signifies twin tubes design, one for a sample and one as a reference that corrects for environment errors. The instrument is available either with a key pad (microprocessor) to control all operations and show results –  or with easy to use PC software that controls the system in real time and also processes saved data, reports and special computations.

This is the latest build of the instrument that changed analysts away from using simple, manual single-point, flowing gas units and moved us all over  to multipoint BET  and automated SSA systems.

  • The routine 2390a is for BET SSA testing that has all the standard maths & reporting you will need.
  • The 2390p offers the same performance and a dedicated Po tube to improve performance during standard adsoprtion isotherm runs.
  • Then the 2390t is like the 2390p but with a larger volume dewar facility to allow 24 hour physisorption runs, where liquid nitrogen would otherwise run low.

Gemini VII with keypad controlGemini schematicflowprep-200px-for-web

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