The Autopore series of instruments are automatic, high performance mercury porosimeters from Micromeritics.

Mercury porosimetry permits the calculation of numerous sample properties such as pore size distributions, total pore volume, total pore surface area, median pore diameter and sample densities (bulk and skeletal).New product new

Autopore VThe brand new AutoPore V is available in two models to best match the requirements of quality assurance and research labs. The AutoPore V 9620 has a pore size range of 500 to 0.003 micrometers with two high-pressure (60,000 psia maximum pressure) and four low-pressure analysis ports. The AutoPore V 9605 contains two high-pressure (33,000 psia maximum pressure) plus four low-pressure analysis ports measuring pore sizes from 500 down to 0.005 micrometers. The AutoPore V allows the development of a methodology that provides speed or precise detail. An equilibration mode delivers detail-rich, highly accurate measurements for in-depth porosity analysis. A scanning mode approximates equilibrium by increasing pressure continuously for a fast analysis.

The AutoPore V establishes a new benchmark for operational safety with such features as mercury collection trays, a mercury temperature sensor, improved funnel and mercury reservoir design, triple fail safe penetrometer cap assembly, mercury vapor detection device, and a mercury vapor capture filter.

Micromeritics are market leaders in surface, pore, density and size technologies, with more instruments installed than any other supplier – a trend continuing in USA, Europe and world-wide (Micromeritics page).


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