ASAP 2050 XP

The ASAP 2050 Xtended Pressure sorption analyser is an essential tool for measuring adsorption isotherms in metal sample tubes up to 10 atmospheres.

The ASAP 2050 XP also allows the user to collect traditional pressure isotherms for determining the sample’s surface area and porosity.

For even higher pressures (up to 100 atmospheres) to emulate some real world processes, we recommend the volumetric HPVA II you can view under Particulate Systems.

ASAP 2050ASAP 2050 Sample Tube DiagramASAP2050 HP H2 O2 on zeolite 13x 10bar

Application areas include Catalysts, Pressure Swing Adsorptions, Metal Hydrides, Fuel Cells, Nanotube research, Activated Carbon, Ceramics and Shuttle heat shield investigations.

The hydrogen fuel cell, for example, has received much recent attention as a long-term solution to the world’s energy needs. Developing storage technologies with advanced materials and the conversion of hydrogen to useful forms of energy are of critical importance. A fundamental understanding of hydrogen physisorption/chemisorption processes and adsorption/desorption kinetics is needed to optimize hydrogen uptake and release capacity rates Knowledge of chemical reactivity and material properties, particularly with respect to exposure under different conditions (air, moisture, etc.) needs to be gathered.


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