ASAP series

Accelerated Surface Area and Porosimetry (ASAP) series of gas adsorption instruments are the most frequently used, high performance physisorption analysers available.

Indeed, the ASAP range has the highest number of scientific citations in the  literature on the market – worldwide.


  • In part this was due to the rigorous Micromeritics engineers who set out to build the best possible instrument – with no corners cut.
  • In another part its due to Micromeritics insisting that their specifications are the minimum they can achieve under normal operation; not the best figure they could get in an idealised test off-line. Forgive us pointing this out; this approach is not he norm.
  • But also it is due to the range of ASAP available; whether you want the best quality isotherms possible…or a large multisample, multigas micropore design (like the ASAP 2420) there will be a system for you.

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ASAP systems have been around for decades and there are quite a few older ASAP 2010’s and even ASAP 2000’s still in use. The ASAP 2020 provides maximum versatility over a remarkable range of applications:

  • Two independent vacuum systems allowing simultaneous preparation of two samples and analysis of another
  • A two-station intelligent degas system or fully automated degassing with precisely controlled heating profiles
  • Intuitive and powerful Windows-based software that includes easy-to-use interactive Wizards™ to help guide you through even the most challenging experiments
  • A highly flexible and interactive reporting system that includes an extremely versatile graphic user interface allowing custom presentation of results.

For the busy lab processing multiple samples and long isotherm analyses, Micromeritics offer two solutions in the fixed configuration ASAP 2420 and then the new modular ASAP2460 series. Both offer standard transducers and micropore on the 2420 is an option, while on the 2460 both 10 Torr and 1 Torr transducers are available for Krypton or full micropore analyses respectively.



Micromeritics web site ASAP 2020
ASAP 2020 configurations
ASAP 2020 HD for extended low pressure isotherms
ASAP 2050 XP  for extended high pressure isotherms
ASAP 2420 6 port Physi analyser
ASAP 2460 modular 2 port, 4 or 6 port Physi analyser