For the scientist who wants the best in DVS the SMS Advantage has all the flexibility, performance and features that you will need. The Advantage can be used with water vapour and a range of  organic solvents. In addition there are high vacuum designs  for porous materials that eliminates system out-gassing issues at low pressures. Finally there are port options for Microscopy and for Raman and a 21CFR part 11 utility for pharamceutical labs.

For routine labs who need  to characterise their materials behaviour with water only, the compact and easy to use DVS Intrinsic offers  good performance in a compact footprint, usiong SMS own design of balance.

SMS pioneered the use of Inverse Gas Chromatography (IGC) for estimating surface energies. They were the only instrument manufacturer with a complete system, for many years based on a HP GC platform. Now SMS have a new dedicated IGC system called the Surface Energy Analyser or SEA with built in, easy to use sample column ovens and neat, safe, multi solvent compartments. More important the SEA has totally new software for simpler experimental set up, instrument control and result processing.




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