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Their skill can help you solve moisture problems quickly and save time and saves money for your company.

Moisture Profiling as a problem solver:

Relequa has a new approach to characterising moisture in powders, tablets and materials.
The underlying principle is called Equilibrium Relative Humidity (ERH) and this is defined as “ERH is when the rate of moisture uptake is equal to the rate of free moisture being released from the material’s surface”.

  • A sample placed in an environment with Humidity above the ERH will take up moisture.
  • A sample placed in an environment where Humidity is below the sample’s ERH will give out moisture.
  • If the Relative Humidity is equivalent to the ERH of a sample you will see  no uptake or release.

The use of ERH with moisture profiling is a quick, easy to perform and reliable test.

The standard Relequa system has two chambers so you can perform side by side comparisons.

In the example shown in the graph, whole tablets were placed in one chamber and recently crushed and ground tablets in the second unit.

The tablets can be seen to release water in the chamber whereas the powders, if anything, tend to adsorb moisture before soon equilibrating. The conclusion is that the tablets contain trapped and hidden water that escapes when crushed and the contents ground.