… have been designing instruments for testing the physical properties of materials since the 1960’s.

Micromeritics HQ is in Norcross, Atlanta, GA USA where they design, manufacture and test every instrument (read more).

Particular Sciences have been promoting and supporting Micromeritics products since 1990  and we very are proud of this association.micromeritics web page Micromeritics built their reputation using gas probes to quantify  the physical and chemical properties of surfaces. A  technology they developed to lead the world. Their ASAP series, for example, is the world’s most cited instrument in scientific papers on BET, Isotherms and Micropore research Micromeritics have produced excellent instruments for particle sizing, porosimetry, density, chemisorption and related measurements as the scientific and industrial market demanded.

Micromeritics also have a range of products under the “Particulate Systems” brand that cater for material characterisation their main products do not cater for. Take a look, some of these we represent directly in this market.

Click here to see the microReport on the Utility of Specific Surface Area Measurement for Pharmaceutical Materials





ASAP 2020








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Products Technology
Flowsorb   Gemini VII     Tristar II series   Krypton Tristar BET surface area
ASAP2020  series (physi) including 2050XP and 2420, 2460 Chemisorption
3Flex – the complete Surface characterisation analyser Density
ASAP2020 chemi;   3Flex Chemi; Autochem 2920; Chemisorb Particle Size
MicroActive software for Data Analysis Porosimetry
Autopore V new product Physisorption
Accupyc 1340     GeoPyc 1360 Reference Materials
Elzone II Sample Preparation
FlowPrep   SmartPrep  VacPrep   Smart VacPrep (new)

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