MicroCal DSC

MicroCal DSC microcalorimeters are powerful analytical tools for characterizing the stability of proteins and other biomolecules, requiring minimal assay development, no labelling or immobilization.

The automation and high sensitivity afforded by MicroCal VP-Capillary DSC systems shown below right permits screening of large numbers of samples at low concentrations minimizing the consumption of valuable samples with little hands-on effort.

For lighter use the MicroCal VP-DSC (below left) can handle a few samples per working day.

Differential Scanning Calorimetry (DSC) is a technique used to characterize the stability of a protein or other biomolecule directly in its native form.

It does this by measuring the heat change associated with the molecule’s thermal denaturation when heated at a constant rate.


600x400_VP_DSC     dsc plots     600x400_VP_Capillary_DSC_01

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