MicroCal were acquired by Spectris from GE Healthcare Life Sciences June 2014.

MicroCal instruments are powerful, analytical tools used to study biological systems. These include interactions between molecules as well as changes in conformation such as protein unfolding. The technique is very convenient requiring only minimal assay development with no labelling. The range includes both Differential Scanning (DSC) and Isothermal Titration calorimetry (ITC) systems – click the images to reach those sections.



MicroCal and ITC


MicroCal and uDSC


The sales and all support of MicroCal for customers in Ireland and Northern Ireland is direct from Malvern HQ in England.

The person to contact by email is Maria Walton, UK MicroCal specialist with maria.walton@Malvern.com

We are co-marketing the MicroCal ranges with Malvern as so many labs have DLS, Zeta, SEC, NTA with MicroCal technologies to characterise their proteins.