Formulaction are the innovative French technology company who provide instruments to aide in formulating products to stabilise or optimise the shelf life or behaviour.

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Based in Toulouse, Formulaction have considerable  scientific and engineering resources to call on from the local Aerospace infrastructure. The company was founded by Gerard Meunier in 1983 with a laser concept proposed by  Professor Brothorel. The photos above show Turbiscan classic, Turbiscan Tower, Turbiscan Lab and Rheolaser.

The first product allowed formulation chemists to assess the stability of complex systems by studying settling with time in turbid samples. Hence the product name -Turbiscan.
They have since developed a range of Turbiscan instruments based on this principle, the Horus for film drying and recently introduced the Rheolaser for DWS microRheology and characterising materials at rest.

Particular Sciences have demo unit of Turbiscan in stock to help evaluate your needs.

Products   Technology
Turbiscan for stability  Static MLS
Rheolaser for uRheology Sedimentation
Horus for films uRheology Bulk
uRheology films