Bionavis ..specialise in Surface Plasmon Resonance (SPR) instruments and biosensors for research and diagnostics.

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Bionavis was founded 2006 to take over and advance SPR technology primarily developed at the Technical Research Centre of Finland (VTT).


Surface Plasmon Resonance is now established as a powerful method to monitor label-free the kinetics of biomolecular interactions in liquids.

MP-SPR  Is the next generation of SPR:

For the past 20 years SPR has been used for biomolecular interaction analysis. Now Multi Parametric or MP-SPR broadens the application range to biophysical studies, and biomaterial studies. Thickness and refractive index can be measured both on nanolayers (Å-100 nm) and on thick layers (350 nm – microns). With additional lasers, a singular solution can be found without knowing the  RI or the film thickness! Materials can include metals, semiconductors and dielectrics, such as Al2O3, SiO2, hydrogels, nylon, cellulose, PS, PP and PET.

The BioNavis SPR Navi™ system developed in collaboration with Dr. Janusz Sadowski who was the main driver in SPR research at VTT for over 20 years, and with Dr. Ulf Jönsson, the founder and former CEO of Biacore, the company that pioneered the use of SPR spectroscopy for protein interaction analysis.


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