KSV Nima

KSV Nima offer precision instruments for the manufacture and characterisation of monolayers and thin films and develop products with their customers.

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 With a history that started in 1981 KSV NIMA products are used in Langmuir-Blodgett film production and characterisation and nanotechnology research, surface chemistry, surface physics, biophysics, colloidal research, biochemistry and materials development worldwide.


KSV NIMA products are used in most of the world’s top Universities including (but not exclusive to) MIT, Berkeley, Cambridge, Harvard, Oxford, Princeton, Stan­ford, Toronto and Tokyo. They also work with some of the most re­nowned research institutes and companies in the world including NASA, General Electric, 3M, Unilever, Johnson & Johnson, Roche, Abbott, Samsung, AkzoNobel, Toyota and Hitachi.  Customers in academia have published thousands of scientific articles, highlighting both the importance of nanoscale films and surface-molecular interactions in today’s research and the confidence they have in our instruments. Their recent areas of interest include monolayers such as graphene, alumina, silica and other oxides, interfacial tribology with smart functional surfaces and micro emulsions, thickness shield fluids and clean technology.


KSV NIMA single Dip CoatersInterfacial shear rheometer / KSV NimaBrewster Angle Microscope on LB trough / KSV NimaLB Trough / KSV Nima


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