Attension – the Biolin Scientific brand for Tensiometers for all types of surface measurements.

Tensiometry is the measurement of the surface tension of liquids by Ring, Plate, Drop, Bubble or Contact Angle technique. Attension offers a full range of these to optimally address each and every application


  • Classic optical tensiometers  like the Theta series (also known as contact angle meters or goniometers) are suitable for measurement of Contact angle, Dynamic contact angle, Surface free energy, Surface tension, Interfacial tension and  Interfacial rheology. Theta range has 3 models from a portable QC to a top specification Theta Goniometer.
  •  Force tensiometerssuch as the Sigma series are suitable for measurement of surface tension, interfacial tension, dynamic contact angle, surface free energy, critical micelle concentration, powder wettability, sedimentation, density, oil-water interfacial tension & density according to ASTM-D971 standard. Three models of Force Tensiometers in Sigma series.
  • Bubble tensiometers are uitable for measurement of dynamic surface tension, bubble lifetime, bubble deadtime, hydrostatic pressure and effective adsorption time.


Theta tensiometer / Attension

attension theta 3D topography



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