A Scandinavian multinational with strong presence in biotechnology and surface science.

Biolin Scientific are a fast growing group of companies, among the top 500 technology companies in Europe and in the Sweden Fast 50 list (Deloitte);

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In their own words……bilin scientific logo

Biolin Scientific is a premium instrument provider and our products are high-tech precision instrument for research within surface, material and bio-science, drug discovery and diagnostic applications.”

Biolin Scientific have a new brand identity with Progress Together and a new web site.



Biolin Scientific specialties include Tensiometry with Attension, Monolayers with Langmuir Blodget troughs etc from KSV and Molecular binding systems with Qsense.

Other products from Biolin Scientific (not distributed by Particular Sciences) are within Sophion QPatch – high throughput patch clamp solutions for functional characterization of living cells.

Farfield’s business with DPI Interferometers was discontinued at the end of 2011; customers will be supported with consumables and service until December 2016.


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Attension Tensiometry
KSV Nima Thin films & Monolayers
Qsense Quartz Crystal Microbabalance