Specialist manufacturers of compact, affordable spectrometers for laboratory, industrial or process control.

AstraNet - DNA astra image

Their core technology is a compact, fibre optic Spectrometer with no moving parts.

AstraNet Systems Ltd. have taken their Spectrometer to a set of niche applications where external cuvette or dip probe or pipette tip sampling is used.

  1. Single mode fibre optics (NA 0.2)
  2. Pulsed xenon lamp
  3. Fixed monochromator
  4. 2048 pixel CCD detector array
  5. USB2 or Ethernet interfaces
  6. Samples from 2uL

AstraGene  has been developed for the routine testing of the purity of nucleic acids and proteins in biotech materials and works with a sample as small as 2 microlitres!

With its specially developed through-the-tip measurement technology, your precious samples does not leave the pipette tip – hence speeding up analysis and protecting your sample.

Also, the AstraGene has no optical surfaces to wipe after use (or cross-contaminate), is quick and easy to use. With no moving parts Astragene is both affordableto buy also and cheap to run!



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