Tele & Video Conferences

Particular Sciences has a full Tele & Video conferences facility in their Dublin offices.

Video conferencesIf you need to discuss technical or commercial matters with our support, sales or administration staff, we can arrange to call at an agreed time/day and optimally use your time, reduce travel costs and improve communications.

Video conferences


Our industry standard Polycom VC/TC (IP) system and conference room permits convenient shared phone calls and calls can be forwarded to other numbers (including mobile phones). Powerpoints or Instruments software can be shared on the VC screen to show resource material or analytical methods and results, while you discuss the content with the presenter.


We can also arrange informal Skype calls or Google Chat with individual sales or support engineers direct from to their laptops.

To book a call contact Danielle on reception.

  • Technical discussions
  • Sales consults
  • Training
  • Powerpoints
  • Results