Water from solid ice through gas or vapour is important in our environment, in most industries, to much chemistry and of course all biological systems.



For example, water quality and water treatment are important application areas and large businesses in their own right.

Likewise water vapour, moisture and water activity are important to product stability, tablets, packaging and a whole host of powder interactions.



Zetasizer WT is a new instrument for the on-line monitoring of Zetapotential in water treatment plants.

Relequa are a specialist Irish manufacturer of compact instruments to test tablets and packaging for moisture issues.

Water Vapour Analyser from SMS measures the vapour pressures of solids, liquids and oils using the Knudsen effusion method.

DVS or Dynamic Vapour Sorption is an established technique for investigating materials for water vapour interactions. SMS specialise in gravimetric DVS measurements.

GenRH – Humidity Generator from SMS produces accurate water vapour environments for your other instruments or experiments.