Soils and sediments is an important field that in Geology, Agriculture, Explorations, Ecology and Mining. Recently there has been growing interest in water borne sediments, in marine and estuary suspended matter.

soil profile

The behavior of soils obviously is influenced by the physical matter present, as soils are so varied in minerals and organic matter content. And foremost in quantifying the soil dry matter is a particle size analysis – these days by Laser Diffraction technology.

Soil surveys, soil maps have become important tools in our understanding of our land environment.

They have also become important in profiling nature before projects are undertaken, in green field sites, to ensure we are not causing serious damage to that environment.





  • Mastersizer MS2000 with an Autosampler is probably the standard instrument used for soil surveys and process large numbers of soil samples brought back to a central lab.
  • A Mercury Porosimetry analyser from Micromeritics is the heart of a Pore Volume tests used by Geologists from PoroTechnology to assess their ability to recover oil from shale and other underground deposits.
  • Sequoia’s  LISST range of underwater size analysers have found new uses in monitoring the marine ecosystems after oil spills and related disasters.
  • The Sequioa LISST STX is unique in providing settling tests underwater and reporting 8 velocity classes.