Process in our context means what happens in the manufacturing process as opposed to our usual off line testing or handling samples or retains going to the lab.

parsum in lineOur interest in Process is monitoring a variable like particle size or concentration or Zeta Potential or such in real time.  Where possible this should be done in-line but sometimes practical issues determine that the best we can do to achieve real time measurements is sampling on-line or even to take samples and run immediately at-line.

Increasingly for Pharma materials the FDA and the manufacturing companies are working together towards process measurements of the variables that determine product performance and quality. These are often referred to as QbD for Quality by Design and PAT for Process Analytical Technology.


  • Insitec is a range of analysers in robust process systems tuned to sample wet slurries, dry powders or sprays on-line, in-line or at-line, in real time in your manufacturing facilities.
    • Insitec however cover a range of wet slurry samplers and dilutors, a series of spray and droplet analysers and several dry powder Insitec systems – all proven in the field.
  • Parsum is a range of Industrial probes that can size granules or particles from 50 microns up to 6000 in-line.
  • SpotView by Remspec is a unique hand held FTIR probe for testing the surfaces of reactors etc for clean down.
  • Malvern Zetasizer WT is a new on line system for the Water Treatment industry to control coagulant additions.
  • Kaiser Raman systems are used with probes in process, pilot and lab reaction systems in chemical and pharma labs worldwide. Kaiser Raman are also incorporated in lab instruments Morpholigi G3 ID and in Zetasizer Helix.