Polymer science is concerned with polymers, primarily synthetic polymers like plastics and elastomers.

The field of polymer science includes researchers in multiple disciplines including chemistry, physics, and engineering.

Recycled plastic polymers

In once sense, Polymers could include Biological macro-molecules, which are polymeric in structure;  but tradition tends to restrict Polymers to plastics etc.

The traditional techniques used by material scientists like Rheology and GPC fall into what Particular Sciences Ltd offers in product and support to Polymer Chemists.

While Ireland has little in the way of Petrochemistry or Polymer production, there is a significant polymer market in Medical Devices and plastic product production.

As the Polymer products we offer are produced by more than one of our suppliers, so we select some here to help you find them.

Some of these like Viscotek and Rosand are market leaders, some are invaluable tools of the trade and others…maybe you should take a look at:




  • First is the Viscotek Dilute Solution Viscometer or DSV used worldwide by busy labs as a practical alternative to classic capillary viscosity testing of polymers in solutions.
  • Then Malvern’s Kinexus range of rotational Rheometers offers general purpose testing at temperatures up to 200C.
  • The Horus from Formulaction is a unique instrument for characterising formulations of Polymers as they dry and build structure in Thin Films.
  • Lamy is a manufacturer of a broad family of low cost viscometers and Rheometers
  • Rosand is a Malvern brand recognised by plastic extruders for mimicking their processes and testing polymers and formulations by high pressure capillary viscometry.
  • HT-GPC is the complete high temperature Gel Permeation Chromatograph from Viscotek where sample prep (>170C) then autosampling and column separations and Viscosity and LS detection are at  the same temperature (>160C). Used for PolyOlefins, PEEK and PVF that only dissolve at higher temperatures.
  • The Micromeritics Accupyc is a precision Helium Pycnometer used by industry and research alike to test material density to the highest possible resolution.