Pharmachem is a coverall name for those who work in research or industry with pharmaceuticals or fine chemicals and excepients.

Pharma processing Again it covers a wide range of disciplines from Pharmacy to Chemical Engineering and brings in specializations like sterility, validation, clean down and of course regulatory authorities the FDA and EPA and the IMB.


Particular Sciences have worked with the Pharmachem industry since our foundation 25 years ago. Indeed our first sales were to API manufacturers in Cork and Athlone. Now in 2014 the business is still growing. Its not just replacements, there are new start-ups and expansions and new product lines every year.

In this Field you again have multiple disciplines so we have grouped products across technologies and manufacturers together under Pharmachem to help you see items you may not already be familiar with.


  •  We put the Micromeritics Tristar first on the list because while Gemini is seen in University lab for SSA by BET, the multi tube Tristar is definitely the BET standard in Pharmaceutical manufacturing labs.
  • The Mastersizer 2000 became the most commonly used particle sizer in the world with over 10,000 sold. But now the MS3000 is taking over the role, especially in Pharma companies.
  • Likewise the top end DVS from Surface Measurement Systems is the DVS Advantage. This instrument offers the most advanced and versatile dynamic gravimetric vapour sorption capabilities including video microscopy and Raman.
  • The industry standard for precision density measurements in Pharmaceuticals is the Micromeritics Accupyc in 1cc or 10cc versions. This is also used in concert with the Geopyc to calculate envelope density and porosity of materials, including Roller Compactor ribbons.