Formulation science is where chemists can add surfactants, stabilisers, modifiers, thickeners, polymers or change concentrations, pH or dispersants in their products to improve (amongst other things) stability on storage or effectiveness or appearance.

Turbiscan global stabilisationFormulation is a very broad area and important for product performance and storage. Its essential to Cosmetics, Paint and Pigment industries, Inks, Foods, Pharmaceutical suspensions, creams and emulsions; indeed almost everything we manufacture that is not “freshly” used. In some areas, like for Pesticides, the adsorption and effectiveness of the active can be synergistic-ally improved by a correct formulation.

While formulation science is often an iterative process of intelligent trial and error, with experiments to assess what component will be used at what concentration and then retested after prolonged “bottle” tests; Particular Sciences offer several technologies from different manufacturers that look at the fundamental principles of the sample:





  • The Zetasizer can be used to assess the particle size of components and the zeta-potential of the formulation, in dilute or concentrated samples – both important factors in availability and stability with time.
  • The Turbiscan from Formulaction with its temperature acceleration of sample changes is the ideal approach to reducing Bottle Tests from days and weeks to hours…and to improve documentation.
  • The Rheolaser also from Formulaction, assess the structure of complex and viscous systems in real time. This allows the Formulation chemists to test modifiers and see directly what happens at rest inside the sample.