Foods, food ingredients and their production, development and manufacture or processing are a significant business in Ireland.

dairy processingFoods cover a very wide range of – raw materials, processed formulations and ingredients with emulsions, powders, pastes, beverages and alcoholic drinks as well as a vast range of packaged goods, frozen foods, processed foods, canned foods and food additives.

Of course our interests are scientific and technological and these start with molecules and macro-molecules like proteins, carbohydrates and lipids.


  • Mastersizer 3000 is routinely used for the particle sizing of food powders and for characterising emulsions and for milling trials etc. The flexibility of Mastersizer and its sizing range from sub micron to millimeters has lead it to being used in  food labs, research labs and contract testing throughout Ireland and worldwide.
  • Freeman FT4 powder rheometer is another stalwart for understanding powders in processing situations, giving a full set of the information needed, not just shear behaviour.
  • Accupyc helium pycnometer measures absolute density, useful in checking powder mixtures and also for gas permeability studies and characterising powders.
  • GeoPyc from Micromeritics also has uses with food powders, in measuring T.A.P as an estimate of powder packing and powder friability.
  • The Zetasizer Nano ZS is the worlds leading DLS particle sizer for sub-micron materials. Used for polymers, aggregation, zeta-potential analysis, emulsion research and formulation, material stability etc etc etc.
  • Turbiscan from Formulaction is likewise the leading technology for assessing emulsion stability and accelerated “bottle” testing.