Biotechnology brings the latest techniques to characterising biological systems:

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Fully put “Biotechnology can be defined as the controlled and deliberate manipulation of biological systems (whether living cells or cell components) for the efficient manufacture or processing of useful products” (as stated on the DCU website).

Particular Sciences offers and support numerous technologies used by Bio-technologist in research, life science  and BioPharma labs.

Some of these are from market leaders like Malvern and Biolin Scientific, some are invaluable tools of the trade and others…maybe you should take a look at those listed below.



Archimedes a novel metrology for sizing and counting particles in the sub-micron ranges in Bio-pharma and Protein aggregation.

AstraGene is a compact, low sample volume spectroscopic analyser for DNA or RNA and Protein ratios of biological samples.

Formulaction offer Turbiscan systems to formulate complex materials and Rheolaser to investigate micro-rheology.

Helix use of DLS together with Raman spectroscopy  allows measurement of protein sizes and conformation.

MicroCal is a new Malvern brand for microcalorimetry with DSC and ITC to characterize proteins.

NS300 uses NTA technology to size and count particles like exosomes, fluorescent markers, viruses and protein aggregates.

Nano ZSP is the highest performing Zetasizer system on the market upgraded for protein samples and protein mobility measurements, Kd and A2 calculations and overall improved DLS sensitivity.

Omnisec is a new platform from Malvern – a complete range of chromatography, detectors and software for SEC analysis.

QCM-D technology from QSense can investigate molecular binding and protein adsorption on surfaces.

SEC-MALS is a dedicated multi angle light scattering detector for biomolecule characterisation on any SEC system

SPR from Bionavis is an affordable alternative and the only multi-parametric Surface Plasmon Resonance  on the market.

Viscosizer TD is a new instrument using Taylor Dispersion analysis to characterise size and viscosity in complex samples.

Zetasizer uV is a dual purpose DLS/SLS instrument for Protein chemists with small volumes of sample to use in batch mode or for  SEC analyses with Akta or other HPLC systems.

BioScience Development Initiative (BDI)- last but not least  is a broad initiative from Malvern to work with customers in these fields.